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Founded in 2007 with the support and vision of Congressman Steve Austria, State Senator Chris Widener, and Representative Ross McGregor, Future Jobs set out to create a technology workforce in Ohio. Future Jobs focuses on the Clark County area, and touches into Greene County as well. We exist primarily to respond to employer demands and prepare local students to fill these jobs and remain in Ohio upon graduation.

Under the leadership of Bill Pardue, Chairman of the Future Jobs Board of Directors, and also from Qbase, Future Jobs has secured grants totaling over $2 million since its initial start in 2007. We are partially funded by state dollars and are also leveraged through private funds and in-kind donations from our partners. The Board of Directors consists of dynamic senior level leadership from our academic and employer partner organizations, and convene twice a year. We also have a working group that meets monthly which includes a representative from each of our academic and partner employer organizations. Our working group consists mainly of Human Resources professionals, professors, and those involved with curriculum development and job creation within their respected organizations.

Future Jobs has funded efforts at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate level across all of our partner organizations. We have mostly funded ongoing initiatives by infusing a STEM element into the already existing structure. We have also funded several new initiatives to meet employer demands for workforce development. Visit the Future Jobs Projects page for more information on the specific projects we have funded. Currently Future Jobs is focused on its Internship Program that was established in September of 2009. The Future Jobs Internship Program will place Ohio on the forefront of internship experiences for young professionals in disciplines ranging from health information to high throughput computing. Combined with the disciplines of sensors and image processing, these four sectors integrate to provide the basis for a regarding and well-paying professional career. To learn more about the Future Jobs Internship Program and current open positions, please visit the Internship Program page

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